Chemical Hair Straighteners and Permanent Hair Dye Increases the Risk of Breast Cancer, Says Research

A new research study found that women who use chemical hair straighteners and permanent hair dye have a higher risk of developing breast cancer as compared to women who don’t use it. The study suggests that breast cancer rises with the more frequent uses of these chemical hair products.

Alexandra White, a lead author of the study said that in the study it shows that the higher breast cancer is associated with the use of hair dye and it strongly affects African American women who frequently use hair dye.

Analysts from NIEHS have gathered the data from more than 46000 women in their study and found that the women who regularly use permanent dye for hair were 9% more expected than women who do not use hair dye to develop breast cancer.

The African American women who use permanent dye every five to eight weeks were associated with a 60% high risk of breast cancer as compared with white women.

Researchers also found that no little increase in breast cancer found for a temporary dye or semi-permanent dye use. They also found that women who use hair straighteners every five to eight weeks were about 30% more expected to develop breast cancer.

The association between breast cancer and straightener use was similar in African American and White women. The study further said that the use of straightener was much more common among African American women.

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